Property management and for private individuals

Daily, personalized support in managing your property.
We understand the attachment you may feel towards your property. In fact, our service includes a number of tasks, such as finding tenants, drawing up rental contracts, inventory of fixtures, managing rents and charges, managing works and repairs, handling disputes, etc.

Owners who entrust us with the management of their property benefit from a number of advantages and numerous services at a competitive price.

You'll be able to delegate the management of your property to our skilled and experienced professionals, who will take care of all the administrative and technical tasks involved in rental management. You'll also benefit from regular monitoring of your property, and optimized management of rents and charges.

Tenants will be able to rent your property in complete confidence, knowing that their rental contract is drawn up in accordance with Swiss law, and that they will benefit from regular monitoring of their file.

Your property will be managed with confidence and expertise, for your comfort.